My World

I live in Maryland USA.I have relatives that live in Rome. We went there on vacation and they showed me the Colosseum. Over spring break my cousin went to Taiwan. On her way back, because of an engine problem they had to crash land in Alaska. I also know a person that was on a small plane to Alaska and they crash landed in water. My friend had to break the window with his Rolex watch. Someone’s shirt and pants got stuck so he had to swim up to shore in Alaska’s freezing waters in his boxers.

Outdoor School

In the last week of March, the fifth grade has to go to Outdoor School. Outdoor School is when the whole grade goes to a outdoorsy campus. We then learn about the ecosystem, bugs, etc. We have to spend the night there from Tues. – Fri. I am so excited! Does your school go to Outdoor School?

R.I.P. Jackie :(

Sadly, today Jackie died. We don’t know how she died but she fell asleep with Mariel next to her. She was such a good Guinea Pig and didn’t deserve to die. I loved her very much and am sad to see her leave my family. She is in a better place now, and I will always keep her in my heart. R.I.P Jackie 🙁

RIP Derrick

Sadly, in late December, my fish died. He was traumatized after we clean out his tank. He was a good fish.

Luckily, I still have my two Guinea Pigs. Mariel, and Jackie. The brown one is Jackie and the tan/white one is Mariel. Below is a picture of Mariel and Jackie.

Hello, again

I’m so happy the blogging challenge is back on! I can’t wait to meet more people and add new quotes to my quote page. I’m also excited about spring break. We have our spring break the 3/20 – 3/27. I am going to New York! Spring is here and I love the warm weather! Spring is my second favorite season, the flowers are so pretty and the warm weather is so relaxing.

So long Farewell

I am so sad that the blogging challenge is finished. I had a great time. I hope in the future I will be able to I do this once more because it was awesome. Thank you very much for including me in this amazing opportunity. Also thank you for commenting and spending time to view my blog.

A Tree Named Maria

There was once a tree named Maria, she lived on the border of Mexico and USA. Every day a little boy came and gave her water. Then, he would fall asleep at her trunk. Eventually, the little boy became a rich billionaire, but he hired people to take good care of Maria. Although Maria was well taken care of, she missed the boy and his naps. Sadly, the boy lost all his money, he couldn’t afford anyone to take care of Maria. Maria thought she would never see the boy again. Then 1/2 year later, the boy returned and Maria was happier than ever. The End! 😉

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